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No matter what function we perform for the Department,
 whether it be patrol, criminal investigations, administration,
or a combination of all of thse tasks, we are bound together
by our desire to mutually provide the citizens of our jurisdiction
 the best possible service.

Commission Members

  • Hanover Township - Mr. John Nagle - Alternate
  • Hanover Township - Mr. John Diacogiannis - Vice Chair
  • Lower Nazareth Township - Mr. Martin Boucher - Chairman
  • Lower Nazareth Township - Mr. Jim Pennington - Alternate
  • Bath Borough - Mrs. Fiorella Reginelli-Mirabito - Secretary/Treasurer
  • Bath Borough - Mrs. Michele Ehrgott - Alternate
  • CRPC Solicitor -Mr. Ronald Cockery





On December 16, 2006 the Executive Board of the Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission (PLEAC) unanimously voted to accredit the Colonial Regional Police Department. The Colonial Regional Police department was the first Regional Police Department in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to recieve accredited status from the PLEAC.
Accreditation is a program which was introduced in 2001 by the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association. There are 124 standards which a department must satisfy to attain accreditation. The standards are designed with the objective of identifying operational procedures within the department which when compliant enhance the professionalism and credibility of the organization. Each standard must be exhibited with a set of documented proofs of compliance. Deputy Chief James DePalma is the Accrediation Manager for the CRPD project. It is his responsibility to establish and review policies and make them compliant to the standards set by the PLEAC. The initial accreditation process took over a year to complete.
2007 was the first full year that the Colonial Regional Police Department has been accredited. DePuty Chief James DePalma ensured the Department maintained compliance with all standards by reviewing reports and maintaining the physical requirements of the headquarters. Deputy Chief DePalma was required and did, in fact, maintain all the folders for each standard by showing two (2) proofs for each standard throughout the year.

Let us know if there are any events or updates you would like to share with fellow members.